Welcome to Fryeburg!

Here we are closing in on April and there’s still plenty of snow out there but unfortunately we are done grooming for the season. We have some repairs to do to our groomers and we may actually be looking to replace one of them do to the fact that the costs and repairs of the aging equipment has been hurting us for too many seasons.
We have some really great people willing to be out there but when the equipment keeps failing, it hurts the club in far too many ways.
We always say/hope that next year will be better. Newer more reliable equipment should help that. More help with maintaining the trails would definitely help. Please think about the great season you just had and do what you can to support those who make it all possible.

This web site is devoted to the Interstate Snogoers Snowmobile Club based in Fryeburg, Maine. The club has been in existence since the early 1970’s. We serve the western mountain region of Maine.

Interstate Sno-Goers meet the 2nd Thursday of every month (Sept-April) at 7:00 PM. We are now meeting at the Fryeburg Fire Station on Main St. Please join us.

Our club works for all snowmobilers in this area. We coordinate with local landowners for trail access. We take pride in maintaining many trails with our groomers including ITS 80, but we cannot do it without your help. If you live in the area or have a vacation home here, please support us by joining our club or sending us a donation. Please support our generous Business Members whenever possible.

We are in danger of losing many trails in our area. So it is very important for ALL snowmobilers to stay on the marked trails and be respectful of landowners. Remember that we only ride through their generosity. Before you head out on the trails, please check our Trail Reports for current conditions. You can get a trail map from many local businesses or by contacting the club.

www.mesnow.comRide Right, Ride Smart: Ride sober. Ride to the right. Ride at a reasonable speed. Use hand signals. Ride defensively. Learn more about snowmobile safety on the Maine Snowmobile Association’s web site.

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