Welcome to Fryeburg!

What a winter! Sorry the trail reports have been missing. We went from NO snow in January – to snow every few days in February. ITS 80 was rerouted in N Fryeburg because some riders wouldn’t stay off the turf fields. The groomers have been out at least once a week; usually twice. The fields are wind-blown but covered. The temperatures and wind have been dangerous. The littler groomer in the Village is broken down.

OUR RALLY IS THIS SUNDAY MARCH 1ST.  Starting place is Clyde Watson’s garage on Fair Street. Registration begins at 9:00 AM.

www.mesnow.comRide Right, Ride Smart: Ride sober. Ride to the right. Ride at a reasonable speed. Use hand signals. Ride defensively. Learn more about snowmobile safety on the Maine Snowmobile Association’s web site.

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